Friday, 19 April 2013

Knowing how much your heart beats while you exercise is important. 

Start now with effective exercise with a heart rate monitor watch while you meeting your objective of exercising (ie: fat burning stage, fitness stage or customized stage) for your workouts.

*GERMAN Brand*

Simple to use and equipped with all basic functions, the ECG-accurate and digitally coded heart rate monitor in sportive design ideally suit every leisure time athlete, who wants to train healthy and effective.

According to the training target, two pre-programmed training zones as well as a manually set training zone can be selected. An individual memory as well as a memory for total values, which documents the training sessions over weeks, months and a freely selected period, provides a detailed training evaluation. Thanks to the illuminated display, sporting activities are not hindered by darkness.

PC 25.10 Features
-4 Heart Rate functions
-Digitally coded radio transmission
-6 time functions, including countdown and alarm
-Training with 1 adjustable HR zone
-Calorie counter
-Total values per week, month, since reset
-Memory place for 1 training session
-Intuitive menu navigation
-Battery compartment
-Storage of pre-set values in case of battery change
-Background illumination of the display
-Personalisation using “My Name”
-5 languages

Best suitable for sports & outdoor activity such as running, cycling, mtb, marathon, football/soccer, tennis,squash, badminton, etc


Items in the box:-
-Chest Belt Transmitter PC 25.10
-Elastic belt
-Stemp mount bracket for common handlebar diameter (bicycle handlebar)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Runing hu hu...sebenarnye ak x minat cerita semua adik ak punye pasal..kerana die ak dah jadi peminat runing man. Betul masa first time tengok..memang la ...crita ni x logik...just for fun but its very interesting sebab setiap episode game nye berbeza2...kalo dah tengok mesti x kering gusi...sekarang almost 142 episode...kalo x caye cbe la tengok...with different character with their funny actor kwang so..ha ha ha...mungkin runing man nak tiru fear factor...tapi fear factor more adventure n most of them serious with their task given...but in runing man...its funny...full of joke ha ha ha ha...really enjoying this koren funny tv episode.
Asslammualaikum n annyeonghaseyo ha hu ha hu ha

Tup tap tip tup tap...dah sem lapan....baru first time tahun ni ak bkak blog...agaknye bpe lme ek...dah x bkak. hu hu hu hu.

Sem 8 oh sem 8....still 2 month to finish studying..

Mesti ramai dah plan after this

1.Continue master
5.Go for holiday trip
6.Sleeping n eating
7 Going for dakwah

....ha ha ha ha mcam2 apa nak buat ek...

sebenarnye bnyak benda yg bleh buat...orang putih kate no money no talk...betul ke...ermm tapi xjgak with money not confirm u are going to heaven ...betul tak...ha ha ha...just a joke...sem 8 ni buat ak meroyan..ha ha ha...dah hbis kan subjek minor yg berlambak ngan thesis perghh...campur plak solid state...x pyah gi jim...body ak pun dah solid bkan body otak trus jadi solid... ha ha ha penangan subjek solid state...but physics is awesome.. ha ha ha.So antara choice kat atas tu la agaknye ak akan pilih kot...cos my age are increasing rapidly so...need to spend money for my coming future..lain orang lain pendapatnye betul tak...but not sure nak kje ape...but try to get the best job with good salary...sblum ni dah pernah kje kat kilang operator...lpas ni cari kje kat tempat lain plak...ha ha ha cari pengalamn bro...bile lagi.....tapi yg no 7 ...bile la nak buat...last buat mase matrik...pas tu...ermmm dah x lagi...kene doa banyak2 ni.....ok wasslam...나중에 보자....